dreams do come true - Anchorage Town Square Park

Imagine this town square full of people: I took this on a quiet morning, but just wait things are happening!

Anchorage Town Square Park : a wealth of opportunity

So excited! After my latest Urban Code study #64 I see a program that Anchorage Downtown Partnership is implementing in Town Square Park rolling through my Facebook feed. It is called '144 Activities in Town Square Park', a program working towards revitalization in the heart of downtown Anchorage. They are inviting the Anchorage community to fill the park with activities from company picnics, to music & arts events, to hosting companies and organizations for outreach. So excited!

To top this off, last night the Anchorage Assembly just passed an ordinance that lowers the cost of a permit fee for small scale food vendors that sell things such as backed goods, jellies, fermented foods. There's a lot more behind all of this, so I would suggest checking out the municipality's website for rules & regs. This it is a great start for locals to more easily sell at farmers markets and is a great step towards helping individuals who are interesting in the food business. Growing the entrepreneurial world of Alaska! Watch out, you might see one of my jams, tomato chutneys, kimchi, or pear spreads around!

I wonder how the affect the farmers markets' have had on adjacent businesses? Perhaps a study in the works.

I might or might not be already in the kitchen making creations! Well, not really, but my mind is there.