A day of mothers

I always thank my mom for birthing me. I can't help myself because its true and also I get some laughs from her. This mother's day we had a wonderful celebration with a beautiful tablescape. I made a Rosanne Salad with my lime cilantro dressing, my brother some grilled king salmon from the King Derby this winter, and my other brother made scallops and wasabi mashed potatoes. All finished off with a delicious lemon almond ricotta cake; a recipe I found from Cakelts and Doilies. It was superb. The only thing missing was my lovely sister Audrey.

While eating the salad I realized that I forgot a key ingredient in the dressing recipe: Honey! So I've fixed that. The honey is a very important ingredient because it cuts the acidity that the limes give. It doesn't change the flavor profile; just rounds out the hard corners that roll around on your tongue. Honey is so good at that.