a united front

A united front. I love that phrase. To me it means that even though there might be differences in an entity as a whole it shows one front, one message, one mission. That takes understanding, humility, and cooperation from individuals of said entity. I sit and think about this as I wait for my Community Council Board meeting to start. I'm super excited to be part of an organization that has the opportunity for a 'voice of the people'. Its been challenging taking on a role as an elected board member. The processes on a community council are not what I am trained in and certainly not what I practice in my everyday job. But I love the opportunity for personal and professional growth.

And I'm also salivating from the eye candy of my lunch the other day! A united front of two super different salads. Lime cilantro dressed shrimp chop salad and a sweet and spicy pineapple slaw.

The pineapple slaw is so easy to make. I used a pineapple jalapeno jelly I found at the store, mixed in rice vinegar, salt, and pepper. I tossed this in a cabbage, pepper, radish, and fresh pineapple mixture.