28. Alaska Art Tile

"No Entrance is the same as any other entrance."

Storefronts serve a viable purpose to the livelihood of a city. They provide a face to an economic entity, but with equal importance the entrance is a gateway from public to private. They serve as a portal for people to escape a busy street bringing them into a realm where meaningful interactions occur with shopkeepers, servers, patrons. A unique storefront helps create the aesthetic aspects of an area as well as the social aspects.

Turning the corner and finding a gem like this makes my day every time. I love going out of my way to walk by this beautiful piece of Anchorage hidden away downtown. A storefront should be much like every person who enters it: unique, full of meaning, and with a purpose. As a great example of how each storefront is a unique piece it pains me that this specific beauty is not in active use. The fact that it fronts an alley may constitute a major reason for disuse, but because it is in an alley off a busy street it could become a beautiful area for people step away and into a slower paced function. Perhaps this becomes a cafe with an outdoor seating area on one half of the alley. (Oh wait, this building already houses a cafe! Why is this beautiful side not being used?)

In my imagination I see myself sitting here in this alley under the colorful tiles at a lovely two-top with my honey. We are enjoying dinner while the western sun shines light down the alley, warming us, and creating lovely shadows.

The possibilities of what this could become...

*Inspired by: Urban Code 100 Lessons for Understanding the City by Anne Mikoleit and Moritz Purkhauer