Architectural Code of a City: Anchorage

A favorite book of mine: 'Urban Code 100 Lessons for Understanding the City' by Anne Mikoleit and Moritz Purkhaur relays to the reader the concept that :: Cities are made of scenes and each scene is built from a passive set of syntax flowing directly from the people who inhabit it. The unspoken rules provided by these scenes build a framework for scholars to observe, analyze, and draw lessons from. Through observations we, Architects, Urban Planners, etc. might be able to enforce these rules in built environments; creating successful cities, buildings, spaces and rooms based off of the syntax previously created by humans.

My mission is to use these lessons that Mikoleit and Purkaur have published to study the architecture of Anchorage, Alaska, specifically in the downtown core. And of course I can not help myself but to add random architectural jewels as I make my way along this journey.

100 lessons of Anchorage:



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